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1 Lewis Ferguson 20-02-2018 Lewis Ferguson Hi, I wasn't expecting to be in at home this weekend, however due to work i am on call in the evenings from 6pm! so i should be close at hand (or on the way to being close at hand). I'm wondering if there is space to come for a day on either saturday or sunday?
2 John Offord 17-02-2018 John Offord I'd like to come on this trip, please let me know if any places come free.
3 Sonya Anderson 12-02-2018 Sonya Anderson wooooop
4 Andrew Stott 27-01-2018 Andrew Stott poooowwwwwwddddeeeeeerrrrr
5 Susan Houston 25-10-2017 Susan Houston New member
6 Monika Pietsch 25-10-2017 Monika Pietsch ok
7 Andrew Prendergast 21-10-2017 Andrew Prendergast a'rithist
8 Lizzie Aitken 17-10-2017 Lizzie Aitken Psyched!