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NUM First Name Last Name Registration Date First Name Last Name Comment
1 Peter MacKenzie 24-04-2018 Peter MacKenzie Ahhhh, the legendary CIC hut trip... smelly toilets, good chat, excellent terrain, and exceptional company. Excited to be able to come again, and looking forward to seeing what’s in, especially after this week’s forecast fresh snow... see you up there, P
2 Tristan Southall 15-04-2018 Tristan Southall Coming from North West. Is there a meet time at the North Face car park?
3 Kerr Mackinnon 15-04-2018 Kerr Mackinnon New member
4 Robert Hyde 14-04-2018 Robert Hyde Graham and Finbar Doig recommend the trip to me.
5 Ti MacKintosh 14-04-2018 Ti MacKintosh First time on the ben, still gonna send it (with a safe decision making process) :)
6 Julie Porteous 04-04-2018 Julie Porteous First time skiing the Ben
7 David Gilchrist 04-04-2018 David Gilchrist Skied on the Ben, but never stayed in the hut.
8 David Cooper 21-03-2018 David Cooper New member
9 Sonya Anderson 03-03-2018 Sonya Anderson
10 Finbar Doig 27-02-2018 Finbar Doig Will be with my dad
11 Graham Doig 27-02-2018 Graham Doig Will be with my son Finbar
12 Niall McPherson 11-02-2018 Niall McPherson Coming up to try out the new knee
13 David Ralston 19-01-2018 David Ralston Splitboarder - New member
14 Lewis Ferguson 07-12-2017 Lewis Ferguson Skiing the Ben is an aspiration this winter, hopefully i will get up for a reckie before this trip too!
15 Jamie 23-11-2017 Jamie Just joined the club!
16 Andy 22-11-2017 Andy
17 Susan Houston 25-10-2017 Susan Houston New member