Registrants List

NUM First Name Last Name Registration Date First Name Last Name Comment
1 Rachel Thomas 05-04-2019 Rachel Thomas Very excited.
2 Al Todd 27-03-2019 Al Todd The best mountain hut & venue in the UK
3 David Findlay 27-03-2019 David Findlay .
4 Xavy Wadbled 27-03-2019 Xavy Wadbled Let's ski steep
5 Edward Twinn 27-03-2019 Edward Twinn I shall bring my kitchen
6 Finbar Doig 22-03-2019 Finbar Doig Send It!
7 Graham Doig 22-03-2019 Graham Doig Look out for snow badgers
8 Fiona Neal 22-03-2019 Fiona Neal i will carry the gin
9 Kevin Neal 22-03-2019 Kevin Neal 2ft of fresh please
10 Simon Grey 11-03-2019 Simon Grey Hmmm ...
11 Niall McPherson 07-01-2019 Niall McPherson Skipped a year now back in
12 Christopher McCann 30-11-2018 Christopher McCann Steep
13 Andy Shaw 15-11-2018 Andy Shaw Will we find a better hiding spot for the mince this year?
14 Susan Houstoun 14-11-2018 Susan Houstoun Peekaboo.
15 Gordon Pearson 10-11-2018 Gordon Pearson hope I'm up to it!