Registrants List

NUM First Name Last Name Registration Date First Name Last Name Comment
1 Jan 12-01-2018 Jan looking forward
2 Jack Spowart 11-01-2018 Jack Spowart I've already registered on this trip but would like to put up an updated comment. I now have my own skins and I've had a very simple practice on them in a field. I understand the concept of taking them on and off but definitely need some pointers on how to actually use them to their full advantage. I do not own an avalanche transceiver but was wondering if I can borrow/hire one from the club for the intro day. I have a shovel and probe which I will take on the trip. Thank you
3 Anna 06-01-2018 Anna .
4 Mike Elm 03-01-2018 Mike Elm hello. im keen to try Ski Touring, but how much of an intro is this? I've not got the kit! Also, would potentially be looking to join a lift from Edinburgh if such a thing existed.
5 Paul 05-12-2017 Paul Can I register as a newbie to touring but experienced resort skier?
6 Alice McPherson 02-12-2017 Alice McPherson Keen for another good day on the hill!