Registrants List

NUM First Name Last Name Registration Date First Name Last Name Comment
1 SIMON 13-01-2018 SIMON not too fit so just a slow plooter for me
2 PAUL 13-01-2018 PAUL With Breagha.
3 Martyn Crawshaw 13-01-2018 Martyn Crawshaw I don't have a transceiver, can II borrow a club device if required for the tour?
4 Xavier 11-01-2018 Xavier hoping for a good day !
5 Martyn Crowder 11-01-2018 Martyn Crowder .
6 richard 10-01-2018 richard hi I registered with the club but have not paid the club fee. I was hoping I could come along to see If I liked the club first if possible. I have all equipment nec. please let me know if I need to be a paid up member first. many thanks
7 Lizzie 09-01-2018 Lizzie .
8 Archie 08-01-2018 Archie New member
9 Christine Davenport 08-01-2018 Christine Davenport New old club member
10 Howard Davenport 08-01-2018 Howard Davenport New old club member
11 Andrew 08-01-2018 Andrew On past experience I am expecting blazing sunshine and perfect snow!!
12 Donald 08-01-2018 Donald New Member
13 Iain Shepherd 07-01-2018 Iain Shepherd -
14 david 06-01-2018 david potential new mmeber
15 Anne 04-01-2018 Anne potential new member
16 David 02-01-2018 David Sounds good
17 Dan Walmsley 27-12-2017 Dan Walmsley New member
18 Joel 04-12-2017 Joel -
19 Calum 23-11-2017 Calum
20 Alistair Todd 25-10-2017 Alistair Todd .