Registrants List

NUM First Name Last Name Registration Date First Name Last Name Comment
1 Ben Brooks 03-03-2018 Ben Brooks Hi there. I'm from Bristol and an experienced tourer. I'm not a member as am here for the weekend marooned (luckily) but would love to join. Would that be OK? I've rented kit but no avi gear so I'll be taking it handy.
2 Blair Duncan 03-03-2018 Blair Duncan none
3 Martyn Crawshaw 03-03-2018 Martyn Crawshaw I don't have a transceiver, can II borrow a club set if required for the tour?
5 Paul Ovenstone 02-03-2018 Paul Ovenstone See you at Tesco
6 Graham Boyle 02-03-2018 Graham Boyle Will meet at RVP
7 martyn crowder martyn crowder 01-03-2018 martyn crowder martyn crowder ..
8 Tzvetie Erohina 28-02-2018 Tzvetie Erohina *
9 Toby Gilbertson 27-02-2018 Toby Gilbertson .
10 Derek Knox 07-02-2018 Derek Knox *
11 Donald 03-01-2018 Donald m
12 Calum 23-11-2017 Calum
13 Susan 17-11-2017 Susan
14 Helen 17-11-2017 Helen