Registrants List

NUM First Name Last Name Registration Date First Name Last Name Comment
1 Carol 05-01-2018 Carol Hi I'd like to join you on your up Ben Wyvis. Maybe get skid or this year unlike last year. I'm coming from Beauly so just met you there. Happy to offer a lifts to anyone on my way.. my number is 07903154833.
2 Toby 04-01-2018 Toby New member
3 Martyn 03-01-2018 Martyn Hi Mike, I'll bring along spare skins and happy to help out on the day cheers Martyn
4 David 02-01-2018 David Yes please
5 Stuart 02-01-2018 Stuart New member
6 Archie 29-12-2017 Archie New member.
7 Becky Race 29-12-2017 Becky Race I'm not a member yet, but would like to come along for the day please then join if you don't leave me upside down in a snowdrift! I've done some touring before & attempt to telemark.
8 PAUL 29-12-2017 PAUL With dog.
9 Anna 27-12-2017 Anna I'm the new member and it's going to be my first time skituring in two years.
10 Lyndsey Walmsley 25-12-2017 Lyndsey Walmsley .
11 Mairi 22-12-2017 Mairi New member
12 Andy Ince 19-12-2017 Andy Ince Hopefully my binding will stay on this time.
13 Martyn 18-12-2017 Martyn .
14 Donald 11-12-2017 Donald New Member
15 Lewis Ferguson 07-12-2017 Lewis Ferguson I'll likely be driving or getting the train from Glasgow the night before!
16 Kate 07-12-2017 Kate New member
17 blair 03-12-2017 blair can't wait
18 Scott Melhuish 23-11-2017 Scott Melhuish
19 Susan Houston 25-10-2017 Susan Houston New member