Welcome to Inverness Backcountry Snowsports Club.  

The IBSC aims to be an all round snowsports club for all ages with a particular focus on backcountry skiing, ski touring and other backcountry snowsports. Snowboarders are welcome. A range of activities is organised throughout the skiing season to cater for all abilities. The broad aim of the club is to provide a forum to meet, share interests, enjoy and develop skills in back country, Skiing and Ski Touring and other Snowsports.

We do welcome beginners and we hope that those new learn from those more experienced.  Non-members are welcome to attend up to two meets to see what the Club is all about and after that they should join.  If you are unsure about back country please read New to backcountry article and A day out on the hill.  

Membership cost £23 per year with discounts. 

Our Programme is full of exciting activities which should take us to different places. We also have an active membership who get out on the hills whenever conditions allow.  


Descent from MòruisgInverness Backcountry Snowsports Club is open to all, 18 years or older, with an interest in skiing and backcountry snowsports.

Membership costs £25 per year (£2 early bird discount) and runs from September to August.

To join the club please click here or on the "Join IBSC" menu item above.  All members must join online.

Before you join please read this statement: Terms of membership.  

You might be interested in what A day out on the hill is like with the Club.  You might also be New to backcountry.  You are still welcome to join and learn from others.  We value everyone's input and energy.  

We are active in the following disciplines:

  • Mountain touring on tele, alpine kit and boards
  • Piste skiing and boarding
  • Nordic skiing on tracks
  • Steep skiing
  • All other types of skiing both on and off piste!
  • Winter Camping (Igloo a specialty - click here)

There are many benefits of club membership. Some of these are, in no order:

A vibrant community of like minded enthusiasts. Our club Programme is full of ambitious and varied trips and we often get the most out of the weather.

Using club funds, we subsidise trips to various places and to events such as films.
Discounts at shops in Inverness and further afield. See Member Benefits.  
Access to club trips.
Discount on season passes at the ski centres
The warm feeling you get when you are part of something vibrant, knowing you are supporting skiing in Scotland and leaving a lasting legacy for others.

We would like to welcome those not previously in a ski club and split boarders, piste skiers, telemarkers, alpine tourers and so on are all welcome.

Please note that IBSC does not provide guided trips and each participant is responsible for their own safety. That said, we pool our resources and look out for others. The point is, we all look after ourselves and others, learn from each other without taking formal responsibility for others' safety.


Club Matters

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (IBSC constitution.pdf)IBSC ConstitutionIBSC Constitution239 kB
Download this file (IBSC meeting 17.01.2017.pdf)IBSC Meeting 17/01/2017IBSC Meeting 17/01/2017465 kB
Download this file (IBSC meeting 20.03.2017.pdf)IBSC meeting 20/03/2017IBSC meeting 20/03/2017398 kB
Download this file (IBSC meeting 21.01.2016.pdf)IBSC meeting 21/01/2016IBSC meeting 21/01/2016438 kB
Download this file (IBSC meeting 21.03.2016.pdf)IBSC meeting 21/03/2016IBSC meeting 21/03/2016446 kB
Download this file (IBSC meeting 22.02.2016.pdf)IBSC meeting 22/02/2016IBSC meeting 22/02/2016463 kB
Download this file (IBSC meeting 22.10.2015.pdf)IBSC Meeting 22/10/2015IBSC Meeting 22/10/2015297 kB
Download this file (IBSC meeting 25.10.2016.pdf)IBSC meeting 25/10/2016IBSC meeting 25/10/2016372 kB
Download this file (IBSC meeting 27.01.2015.pdf)IBSC Meeting 27/01/2015IBSC Meeting 27/01/2015354 kB
Download this file (IBSC meeting 27.09.2016.pdf)IBSC Meeting 27/09/2016IBSC Meeting 27/09/2016489 kB
Download this file (IBSC meeting 30.08.2016.pdf)IBSC meeting 30/08/2016IBSC meeting 30/08/2016322 kB
Download this file (IBSC meeting 31.08.2015.pdf)IBSC Meeting 31/08/2015IBSC Meeting 31/08/2015425 kB
Download this file (President Report IBSC 2015-16.pdf)IBSC President's Report 2015-2016IBSC President's Report 2015-2016305 kB

IBSC thrives on the support of its members. You know that situation, when you attend an AGM and try and choose the committee and office bearers and everyone looks to the floor...We are lucky enough to have people willing to volunteer their time to support the Club, other members and provide opportunities for all of us to have fun in the snow. 

So we would like all members to consider how they might support the Club by being a committee member. It's great fun - honest!

The Club is affiliated to Snowsport Scotland and has a committee of committed snow sports enthusiasts.  From the committee the office bearers are drawn and at the 2016 AGM the following individuals were elected.  

  • Mike Cawthorne – President This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.%20%20">
  • Nicky Jackson - Vice-President and Social Convener
  • Donald Morris – Secretary & WebmasterThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
  • Troy Wardrop – TreasurerThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Rose Norman – Membership SecretaryThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
  • Jan Sznajd – Equipment SecretaryThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Sheena Forsyth – Meets enforcer
  • Julie Porteous
  • Duncan Brown
  • Matt Russell
  • Lizzie Aitken

Committee meetings are held on a needs-be basis and if you are interested in being involved please contact us through the contact form on the website. 


Snowsport Scotland Annual Review

As a member of Snowsport Scotland, the club has access to their support services.  Please find above the annual review from the organisation. 



News and Trips